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Pivnita Bunicii


We import and distribute a range of craft beers from Ridgeway Brewery in Oxfordshire. The Ridgeway, a long distance ancient footpath passes just a few yards from the brewery hence the name (the Ridgeway footpath also runs through the village of Chinnor where the Food Development Company is based).

The story of Ridgeway brewery starts with the end  of another story, the closing of the venerable Brakspear brewery in Henley-on-Thames, where the most famous and surely the best bitter in England had been made for centuries. The brewery, in operation since 1779, was sold in 2002 in parts to make room for a hotel development, and everyone who worked  there was made redundant. For beer lovers, the closing was not a complete disaster. Thankfully, Brakspear's master brewer, Peter Scholey, was determined to strike  out  on his own and set up shop as Ridgeway Brewing. Located not far from Henley he has been producing beers so good that you could almost forget Brakspear altogether.

Most Ridgeway beer is bottle conditioned so there is a small amount of yeast at the bottom of the bottle. This process produces a much fresher tasting live beer than the common alternative of pasteurisation and is the nearest you can get to cask conditioned ale in a bottle. The yeast mops up every last trace of oxygen in the bottle and acts as a completely natural preservative providing a longer shelf life that you would normally associate with a mass produced pasteurised beer.

Ridgeway don't bottle condition their very strong beers because the high alcohol content of 10% and over would cause yeast death and unwanted flavours. Fortunately the alcohol itself does the preservation job instead and these keep just as well without yeast.

Ridgeway brew with whole leaf hops because that is the type  of beer the head brewer likes to drink and you get a cleaner bitterness than with hop pellets. They would never ever use hop extract...the green jam that the multinationals use for lowest cost. This is most of the cause of the nasty lingering bitter that won't go away after you drink a mouthful of the poor quality beers. 

The full range includes all year round beers, gluten free beers and Christmas specials. 

Year-round: Ridgeway Bitter (4.0%); Oxfordshire Blue (5.0%0; Ridgeway IPA (5.5%); Foreign Export Stout (8.0%); Ridgeway Quadruple (12.0%); Imperial Barley Wine (10.0%); Imperial Red Ale (10.0%); Imperial Russian Stout (10%), Bad King John (6.05); Ivanhoe (5.25) and Hamster of Doom (5.8%).

Gluten Free: Ridgeway Bitter gluten free (4.0%); Oxfordshire Blue gluten free (5.0%) and Ridgeway IPA gluten free (5.5%) - every brew laboratory certified.

Christmas 2016 Specials: Black Elf (4.5%); Bad Elf (4.5%); Very Bad Elf (7.5%); Seriously Bad Elf (9.0%); Criminally Bad Elf (10.5%); Insanely Bad Elf (11.2%); Warm Welcome (6.0%); Reindeer Droppings (6.0%); Lump of Coal (8.0%); Santa's Butt (6.0%) and Reindeer's Revolt (6.0%).

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Clark's Cider Srl produce natural products based on 100% apple juice, from Romanian apples. The ABV are "high" because the products are not diluted.  No added sugar, flavours, colouring agents. They do contain sulphites.  Pasteurisation gives them a 24 month shelf life (maybe more).  Some apple juice is added to the product before bottling, at varying addition rates to offset the natural dryness of cider. Even the Demidulce is not particularly sweet compared to many/most ciders. 

Dry Apple Cider (ABV 7.5%), Medium Dry Apple Cider (ABV 7.5%), Medium Sweet Apple Cider (ABV 7.0%)

All are available in 500 ml bottles – 20 bottles to a box and in draught kegs to order.

Check which we have in stock in Saschiz using the Products tab.


We also stock and promote wine from Villa Vinea, our nearest commercial vineyard, located just north of Sighisoara and well worth a visit - remember to book in advance if you want to taste.

The range includes: 

Red: Feteeasca Neagra, Merlot and Pinot Noir

White: Kerner

Rosé: Zweigelt


The Ridgeway 

Developed for the 2016 Chinnor Beer Festival, this cocktail was a complete sell out.

Ingredients: 25 ml Acacia & Strawberry Cordial from Pivnita Bunicii, 25 ml Acacia Cordial from Pivnita Bunicii, 35 ml peach schnapps, 35 ml gin and 100 ml orange juice

Method: mix and serve with ice

Dracula's Kiss

Ingredients: 50 ml gin, 6 fresh raspberries, 25 ml Pivnita Bunicii Raspberry Cordial, 10 ml egg white, 30 ml Lemonade.

Method: add raspberries into a mixing glass, muddle, add Raspberry Cordial, egg white and Lemonade, add ice, shake and strain into a cocktail glass. 

Cider Cocktail

Ingredients: 250 ml cider from Clark's Cider, 25 ml cordial from Pivnita Bunicii  and 75 ml cold mineral water.

Method: add cider, cordial and mineral water, mix and serve with ice.

Strawberry Cocktail

Ingredients: 100 ml Vodka, 100 ml Lime Juice, 100 ml Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial, 6 Strawberries - quartered, 3 Slices of Cucumber, 10 Mint Leaves

Garnish: Mint Sprigs, Strawberries, Ice

Method: Tear the mint and crush slightly, mix all ingredients together over ice in a pitcher or punch bowl.

Acacia Blossom Cocktail

Ingredients: 50 ml vodka, 20 ml Pivnita Bunicii Acacia Blossom cordial, small bottle tonic water, ice

Method: mix vodka and cordial together, crush ice, mix all together with tonic, garnish with fresh acacia flower or orange zest

Pivnita Bunicii Acacia Blossom cordial also mixes well with champagne or prosecco.

Blueberry Cocktail

Ingredients: 50 ml gin, 20 ml Pivnita Bunicii blueberry cordial, 10 ml lemon juice, ice

Method: combine the gin, blueberry cordial and lemon juice in a shaker. Shake, strain and serve over crushed ice.

Blackberry Cocktail

Ingredients: 50 ml vodka, 20 ml blackberry cordial, soda water, ice

Method: Mix all ingredients together in shaker, and serve over ice with a crushed vanilla pod to stir

Cornellian cherry spritzer

Method: combine 10 ml Pivnita Bunicii cordial with sparkling white wine and soda water over ice for a refreshing summer spritzer with a difference

Ice-cream Float

Ingredients: 25 ml gin, 30 ml Pivnita Bunicii Raspberry or Strawberry Cordial, 100 ml soda water, 2 scoops ice-cream (raspberry or strawberry ripple), handful of fresh fruit.

Method: Pour the spirits, cordial and soda water into a small measuring glass. Put two scoops of ice-cream into a chilled float glass. Pour the liquid over the ice-cream and garnish with the fresh fruit.